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Employee Experience, Service Vision & Strategy, User Research
February 2, 2020


Understanding the current customer experience in a short amount of time required us to engage the entire organization at once. In late 2017, Ten-X embraced an ambitious strategy to transform how commericial real estate is bought and sold. With time being of the essence, they realized that they needed to quickly tap into the collective intelligence of the entire organization in new and creative ways. In collaboration with their transformation office, we created a strategy to engage employees at all levels to understand the customer journey and redesign the customer experience.


Over the course of six weeks we engaged the entire Ten-X organization to help map the customer experience, identify the areas of opportunity, and jump start new solutions. Teams were formed with employees who work with customers everyday, understand the business at a strategic level, and had in-depth knowledge of the operational systems powering their commercial real estate services. From there we framed the discovery process for them and facilitated them through intensive sessions that involved stakeholder mapping, experience mapping, and blueprinting. The outputs from the discovery sprints were a set of design challenges that were taken to every office to be solved in design pop-up labs with the help of all employees. These design labs allowed Ten-X to jump start new customer experiences, identify quick wins across the organization and involve all employees in the design process, which led to better ideas and high engagement.

"The only way Ten-X was going to be able to map out a complex and nuanced customer experience in a short period of time was to involve the entire organization, which the team at Blank Page navigated expertly."


What began as an ambitious challenge turned into an energetic activation of the bright minds across all of Ten-X. With the help of hundreds of people, Ten-X was able to gain a deep understanding of the customer experience and a set of exciting solutions for the future. The discovery sprints and design pop-up labs gave the leadership team at Ten-X the confidence and understanding needed to accelerate the digital transformation and create value in unexpected ways across the customer experience.

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