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February 2, 2020


Optimum Physician Alliance was formed based on the simple idea that if physicians are heard and helped, they would then have the ability to deliver better patient experiences. Removing the challenges that physicians are currently facing sounds like a simple idea, but it is in fact highly complex. We worked from the beginning with OPA to help articulate their leadership vision and how that would show up across their services, brand, and culture. A strategic vision is a great first step, but the voice of the customer, in this case physicians, is really what helped OPA design how that vision would come together with meaningful services, interactions and culture. So that's where we started.


Over the last few years OPA has prioritized how they interact with their network to move beyond mere sympathy for the plight of the physician in order to find real solutions that allow healthcare practices to focus completely on their primary goal—the health of their patients. There are a lot of complexities within the practice of medicine and OPA purposefully did not want to remove those, but rather work in multidisciplinary teams to understand, unpack and leverage all the complexities that exist. As healthcare becomes increasingly complex, physicians need new and efficient ways to help them practice the best medicine of their lives. Most of the physicians we interacted with are creative and looking for new ways to make the patient experience better, but their environment is clogged with misinformation, clunky technology and data that is not actionable.


In collaboration with OPA we've created a variety of assets that range from research and insights to new digital experiences that create access to the great services and resources that OPA offers to their network. What started out as casual conversations with physicians has evolved into an ongoing collaboration towards reimagining the services OPA can deliver. A physician-focused digital presence, better-designed data, and a well articulated strategy are just the beginning. OPA's long-term goal is to empower and connect their community for a healthier tomorrow. They aim to do this by building collaboration, quality, efficiency, and value into a dynamic healthcare delivery system.

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