Workshop Design, Capability Building
February 2, 2020


We collaborated with Center for Care Innovations (CCI) to create workshops that allowed incredibly talented people to tell their innovation stories in the most inspiring ways possible. The focus of these workshops was to create a simple approach for building trust and inspiring action through strong narratives. This was important for CCI because people capture information via stories, not by staring at data and charts. The best ideas and projects in the world will not live on unless the audience is engaged and inspired. When people design a relatable and empowering story their impact can move from good to great. The most successful leaders and storytellers imagine and articulate the “what if” before turning it into a reality, which persuasively invites their audience to become apart of the reality.


We believe any great story starts with a level of compassion that helps you connect to your audience in important ways. We designed the workshop to leverage the projects of every participant and the collaborativeness that they already possessed. We simply designed a framework for them to think about storytelling and some open ended exercises that allowed them to practice amongst each other. We covered everything from getting clear on the purpose behind each project to engaging different types of stakeholders in unique ways that matter to them.


A lasting approach to storytelling that is being spread across many organizations and practiced on a daily basis. While no one left with a perfect story in just a day, everyone did leave with a very personal, relevant and actionable way to craft the narrative that will bring their projects and ideas to life.

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