Why This Lab

Great decision-makers are committed to the quality of how decisions are made and their impact on the organization. This requires dynamic and repeatable techniques for better decision making, no matter the type of decision.

The Day

What We'll Do

You'll spend the day working a real decision you need to make soon (or are currently making) with the guidance of facilitators and your peers. As you learn and apply techniques associated with the Guide Principles, you'll create clarity in the decision-making process and begin to develop new habits that help you regularly make better decisions.

How We'll Do It

Throughout the day, you'll unpack your decision and reconstruct it several times with real feedback from people in the lab. You'll try several different techniques to get clear on the purpose of your decision, generate a wide variety of ideas for setting it up for success and get feedback through prototyping the decision. The environment is highly interactive and collaborative to allow everyone to learn from each other.

What You'll Get Out of It
"They brought an extremely personal, meaningful, and relevant learning experience to our diverse group of healthcare professionals, helping us to deliver better care through improved ways of working."
Sue Gotelli
Director, Sutter Health
We're here to help you do great things.
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