Why This Lab

Why, how, and what we communicate matters. Every interaction is a moment of truth for us, our audience, our work, and our organization. When we deliver our narratives well, we have credibility and the ability to inspire, engage, and empower everyone around us. When we don't, we risk losing trust and confidence.

The Day

What We'll Do

In short, we're going to move real work forward and start to build new habits around the way you communicate daily. You'll bring a real communication that you need to make soon, and then you'll have the entire day to apply the Guide Principles to help deliver it with more impact. On top of that, you'll build new communication habits based on the insights you generate from experimenting with that same communication.

How We'll Do It

Throughout the day, you'll unpack your communication and reconstruct it several times with real feedback from people in the lab. You'll try several different techniques to get clear on the purpose of your communication, generate a wide variety of ideas for its message, and prototyping feedback to help ensure you've developed the best way to deliver it. The environment is highly interactive and collaborative to allow everyone to learn from each other.

“The Guide Principles provide a powerful way for me to develop insights into this complex, people focused work, ensuring that I’m understanding all perspectives, driving toward shared success, and making a compelling case.”
Reda Hicks
Senior Counsel, Americas--Panalpina, Inc., Founder & CEO, GotSpot, Inc.
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