Why This Lab

Collaboration in the workplace is inevitable. We believe you have the choice to do it in a meaningful way or to go through the motions. This lab builds the mindsets and habits needed to collaborate effectively in your teams and across disciplines.

The Day

What We'll Do

You'll work collaboratively with others to understand how you can use the Guide Principles to set your collaboration up for success. We'll collaborate to move real-work forward, either as a team or across multiple teams.

How We'll Do It

Depending on where you are in a project, you'll get to experiment with new techniques that will help you: leverage the power of discovery, learn how to frame challenges and opportunities for action, and refine your ideas through prototyping and feedback. In short, we'll facilitate you through a collaborative working session so you can get a real feel for what will work for you and the people you work with.

What You'll Get Out of It

You'll be able to experiment with new learnings that you can turn into lasting habits. We want you to develop ways of collaborating that help you: solve problems in more relevant ways, meet new opportunities with actionable creativity, and role model how great work gets done.

"If you want your team to authentically contribute in the most meaningful ways possible while driving toward impactful outcomes, you need to bring Blank Page onboard to help show you how. My experience is that it will be one of the best investments you make!"
Kerri Meyer
Director, Veritas Technologies
We're here to help you do great things.
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