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We partnered with Veritas to evolve their already impressive technical acumen towards a customer service experience that creates real value for their core business and brand.

With Veritas we found that solving problems purposefully and collaboratively builds loyalty and trust through a consistently exceptional customer experience.

We engaged in a strategic partnership with Veritas to deepen the mindsets, behaviors and habits necessary to set customers up for success, create great customer experiences and collaboratively solve problems with customers—both in live and virtual environments. In other words, Veritas was looking to move from techincal problem solving to a service recovery mentality that strengthens relationships.


In response to us knowing little about the nuance of Veritas' business, we worked to co-create a new experience with Veritas employees so that we could design more intelligently.

Through collaborative discovery we worked with a range of Veritas people to understand where the biggest areas of opportunity were across the customer service experience and how we could leverage the many strengths of the people at Veritas. This approach allowed us to create pilot programs that enhanced Veritas' already great customer service experiences.

With the close help of Veritas, we ran several pilots across the globe in order to capture real-time feedback and to help us understand how different cultures might react to these different approaches to customer service. These pilots were designed to be run in a workshop environment that heavily involved the participants.


With lots of feedback and co-creation complete, we developed a program called The Essentials of Customer Success that is being rolled out across all Veritas locations. This program remains highly interactive and is being accomplished with lots of help from Veritas employees.

A new way of doing things is never an easy thing to do, but Veritas employees are already highly engaged and embracing mindsets that enhance the customer service experience, which builds trust, loyalty, and ultimately better customer relationships.

The implementation and scale of this work is still in progress across all Veritas locations, but it was designed to be a living experience so that it can evolve as Veritas does.

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