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Accelerate a culture of people-centricity and innovation in service to the vision of Ten-X changing the way the world interacts with real estate.

As champions of innovation and positive disruption people must lead, influence and deliver results with design-driven mindsets. Does that mean they need to be an expert designer? No! It does require that they choose to deliver results by design, not by accident, and that they strive to unlock the collective genius within their teams and projects to deliver the best work of their lives.


We designed, developed and delivered a year long program called Impact Player. This program has created an environment where everyone at Ten-X implements the mindsets, behaviors and skills built in Impact Player to think differently, co-create, and evolve the organization. We have supported Ten-X in leading a culture that constantly challenges the status quo in search for a better way of doing things.

The progam consists of five 2-day workshops with leaders from around the organization. The workshops are highly interactive and revolve around design-driven leadership. Between each session we held a webcast that highlights and discusses various areas that are relevant to the cultural change.

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